The Truth Behind ‘Tiger Woods’ Mental Secret


And I guarantee that your golfing buddies will gasp in amazement at how much you game has improved; how fearless, confident and concentrated you have become taking each shot on the fairway or simply delete it…and we’ll send you ever cent of your money back!

“Tiger was a kid, but not in the traditional sense. When he was still only six, he listened to tape recordings with subliminal messages to help him develop a stronger sense of self-control and discipline.” - A Biography of Tiger Woods by John Strege

Dear Friend,
Yes! Here at last is your chance to liberate the UNTAPPED ABILITY inside of you… dazzle your golfing friends, humiliate pros who have been playing longer than you with your ability to slash your handicap, eliminate hooks and slices and see a vast improvement in your gameplay… and do it all so quickly and easily that you yourself will be astonished!
Let me explain! I don’t care whether you’re six years old or eighty… man or woman… no matter how poor you are at golf today!
It makes no difference how badly you did the last time you played golf…how difficult it is was for you to concentrate on teeing off today…how poor your swing may be…how embarrassing you feel when you mishit…how impossible it may seem today to grasp that YOU could yield the same mental techniques that have led Tiger Woods to become the pro he is today — and that YOU could break through the most common golfing problems that leave you frustrated —and that YOU could make your golfing buddies jaws drop wide open , ABSOLUTELY flabbergasted by the noticeable improvement in your gameplay, almost overnight.

What’s the secret? It’s as simple as this fact —  your mind is only working at HALF it’s true power — simply because no one has ever demonstrated to you that the true key to golfing success is found in having a winning mindset.

Yet Tiger Woods knows it and he’s proven it!

Listen, here’s the important part…

Gaining The Winning Golf Mindset

As you probably know, half of the battle to golfing success is conquering the mental game that plays out in your mind before, during and after.  It’s a fact that golfing success is 50% physical technique and 50% mental technique.

When you master the inner and outer game, the results you get are astounding!

Look, think about how you feel each time you step up to the TEE in front of people, the inner struggle you experience as you try to concentrate and the battle that takes place even before your club makes contact with that ball.

Truth is, the game begins long before you step on to the fairway!

Earl Woods, knew this when he began training his son at the early age of 6 years old.

He knew that if Tiger was to achieve mastery at a game that still eludes even the most dedicated players, he would need to work with Tiger on and off the green.

He knew that the common trait that all the elite sports pros had in common was a winning mindset.

This meant programing the mind to know, no other option accept success!

You think I’m lying, don’t you?

Pay attention to this…

Tiger Woods Secret of Success

In a passage from Author, John Streges Book entitled “A Biography of Tiger Woods" on pages 21- 26 it says this:

“Tiger was a kid, but not in the traditional sense. When he was still only six, he listened to tape recordings with subliminal messages to help him develop a stronger sense of self-control and discipline.

Earl had seen them in a store and bought them for his son, carefully explaining why he should listen to them. The boy understood. He played them on a cassette player in his room, hearing only the flow of water down a creek, or soft music, but the messages began to imbue themselves in his subconscious:
  • I will my own destiny
  • I believe in me
  • I smile at obstacles
  • I am firm in my resolve
  • I fulfill my resolutions powerfully
  • My strength is great
  • I stick to it, easily, naturally
  • My will moves mountains
  • I focus and give it my all
  • My decisions are strong
  • I do it all with my heart

The messages were inscribed on paper as well, and he tacked them to the walls in his room, as reinforcement. He listened to the tapes so often that he wore them out. He began to apply them instantly.

He was still only six when he went to the Optimist Junior World ten-and-under division at Presidio Hills in San Diego, his first international tournament.

At the first tee, his father reassured him that whether he won or lost was not the point – either way he should have fun. Tiger then ripped his shot down the middle.

Later, Earl asked Tiger what he was thinking about as he stood over the ball on the first tee. ‘Where I wanted the ball to go, Daddy.’ He said, shocking his unsuspecting father, who wasn’t sure the subliminal messages would take hold so quickly.

The negative thoughts that typically invade the minds of young, uncertain athletes were not there.”

Where others had assumed that it all physical technique, gifting or natural talent — Earl Woods made it clear that Tigers training was happening 24/7 inside his mind not just in practise sessions.

How Subliminal Programming Works!

First off, you need to know a few facts…

Subliminal audios can be listened to by anyone, but a common misconception is that you will hear someone speaking.

That’s not how it works.

Subliminal stands for “Below the threshold of conscious perception.” So when you listen to the audio, you will hear music being played and yet you will not hear any words consciously, but subconsciously you will.

Here’s what this means…

You see everyone has two brains:

The Conscious Brain


The Unconscious Brain

Now listen carefully: The difference between the two is huge.

The Conscious Brain is the part of you that's logical and rational, it's where your physical functions, and it’s the part that knows you shouldn’t stand, swing or approach the ball a certain way.

The Unconscious Brain is the part of you that carries out automatic functions, such as breathing, but it also stores all your habits both good and bad. When you are ¾ of the way through your swing and you realize it’s not going to go right… this is the area you are automatically running on. (Rarely do you notice it)

Let me give you a crystal clear demonstration of what I’m talking about.

Remember when you first learned to read you had to practice continually? This was conscious learning.

You practiced reading and writing letters over and over, you slowly sounded out each word, learned what it meant, and eventually it became automatic for you.

Like riding a bike or driving a car.

You see even right now as you read this you don't have to think about how to read. You just take it in. As a matter of fact you couldn’t look at these words and be confused

Want proof?

Look at the following word and try to NOT ….understand it:


Did you do it? I bet you weren’t confused. Let me make it even easier for you.

Try to NOT… understand what the following text says...

Yuor mnid is
aimazngly perofwul!

Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.

Puzzled? Of course not!

You could read it

And that was just VISUALLY READING, listening is even more powerful.

The reason for this is because the unconscious mind is so much quicker and powerful than the conscious mind. Think about it, your unconscious mind knows how to read, write, tie your shoes, drive a car, use a computer, play golf, walk, and a million other things you never think about, but you do them automatically every day.

You have already created habits, fears and patterns of behaviour.

Needless to say, that’s where the big problem lies… with mishits, inaccuracy, lack of concentration, thoughts of failure and poor golf play

Make no mistake… to automatically become a better golf player; the key is to re-program your unconscious mind.

Okay,… Rather than getting frustrated and accepting bad habits and giving up golf

You can program into your mind… new techniques and habits that will make you a better golfer.


chagne is esay wehn you konw how


The Extreme Golfing Confidence Audio

Now you can take advantage of the exact same mental techniques that Tiger Woods did as he heard the soft sound of music and water running down. You will love soaking in the subliminal messages while listening to the stunning music of Gary lambs a composer from the USA.
You are going to receive your audio in two 30 minute sessions, each one is professionally recorded and developed in MP3 format with the same subliminal suggestions that Tiger Woods listened to so he could automatically program his mind for golfing success.
Here are some of the subliminal suggestions you get on Audio 1

  • You are a confident golfer
  • You love playing golf
  • You play every golf shot to the best of your ability
  • You play every golf shot with confidence
  • You approach every golf shot with confidence
  • You have fun playing golf
  • You make golf look easy
  • You are an extremely confident golfer

Here are some of the subliminal suggestions you get on Audio 2

  • I will my own destiny
  • I smile at obstacles
  • I fulfill my resolutions powerfully
  • I stick to it, easily, naturally
  • I believe in me
  • I focus and give it my all
  • I am firm in my resolve
  • I do it all with my heart
  • My strength is great
  • My will moves mountains
  • My decisions are strong

And here’s the best part:  that it’s so easy because you don’t have to set aside a specific time of the day to listen to them, you can have these MP3’s on while you drive, work, get in shape, sleep or just simply in the background as you go about your day.

Listen to them on your Mac, PC or Mobile device.

All it requires is listening to these 30 minute audios consistently for 30 days.

Just imagine:

  • Having improved gameplay and concentration on the golf course
  • No longer feeling fear as you step up to tee off in front of a crowd of spectators
  • Feeling the swell of confidence  as you step on to the fairway or putting green knowing you have the winning mindset
  • Eliminating years of bad habits in days not months by gaining a laser-like focus
  • Experiencing the thrill of watching your handicap plummet from a high to low
  • Avoiding all the embarrassment that you feel each time you have mishit
  • Knowing how curious and jealous your golfing buddies will feel when their astonished at the improvement in your game
  • How happy you will be to finally uncover the truth behind becoming  as good as the professional golfers

Look, if you’re going to keep hitting the wall of NOT KNOWING the answer to creating permanent improvement in your golfing game — why not give subliminal mental techniques a try.

Come, Take The Shortcut To Becoming
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Your entire problem that surrounds the issues your facing right now in your game can be worked on in as little as 30 minutes a day. Many times people experience a breakthrough the very first time they listen to the audios.

And guess what?

Another great advantage about this is it doesn’t require you to spend big bucks on lessons, products or on-going sessions with a private golf coach.

It’s as simple as lying back in your chair and listening to the Extreme Golfing Confidence audio in the privacy of your own home.

Just wait ‘till you try it...

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To Conquering the Mind Game

Prakash Shah


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